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Pet Insurance


Having a pet like a dog or a cat

can represent a good part of the family budget, if we take into account vaccines, food, hygiene and other expenses. However, taking out pet insurance can be a good help in getting around these expenses.



In Portugal there are already several insurance options available. As a rule, the simplest is the civil liability insurance, which serves to cover damage caused by your pet to third parties, which has even been mandatory since 2013 for those who own dogs of a potentially dangerous breed.

The lack of civil liability insurance for potentially dangerous dogs, that is, those that, due to the characteristics of species, aggressive behavior, size or power of the jaw, may cause injury or death to people or other animals, constitutes a punishable offense with a fine of a minimum amount of €750 and a maximum of €5000.




There is still another type of more complete insurance. These, depending on the insurer, can include civil liability, veterinarian expenses, keeping the dog in a kennel if something happens to you, coverage for medication expenses and legal protection if your pet is involved.

Prices are also very varied, starting with a base plate of €21 per year!


If you are considering taking out insurance for your bigeye, Alfaiate & Garcia Draws attention to the age of the animal.

In general, insurers impose age limits for taking out insurance (7 or 8 years). Additionally, there are several limitations with regard to surgeries; for example, some only guarantee expenses with surgeries “forever” to animals that take out the insurance for up to 3 years, others only cover surgeries up to the animal's 10 years.

Once the question of age has been overcome, it is necessary to verify whether the insurance only allows access to a network of agreed clinics with lower prices than usual, whether it reimburses part of the expenses or whether it has both.




With so much diversity, you may be wondering what is the best insurance for your pet. At Alfaiate & Garcia we present you the best option because being mediator of the 10 largest national insurance companies allows us to analyze the following factors:

1. Coverage vs the animal's therapeutic needs;

2. What is the amount of compensation in case of damages to third parties;

3. What are the value limits per incident or per year;

4. If the insurance determines its validity up to a certain age limit of the animal;

5. What type of expenses are deductible;

6. What percentage of expenses is reimbursed.


The documents below are all in portuguese, contact us for help.

DISPS - Insurance product information document

NIPS - Pre-contractual conditions

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